Subwoofer GOLDENEAR SuperSub X, 12Hz-250Hz, 1400W

Subwoofer GOLDENEAR SuperSub X, 12Hz-250Hz, 1400W
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SuperSub Series Overview

GoldenEar's best subwoofer, the new SuperSub™ Series models are ultra-high-performance yet amazingly compact subwoofers that incorporate many recently developed unique and advanced technologies and components. The goal was to create beautifully styled, finely finished, reasonably sized subwoofers that could generate very low-frequency pressure waves of extremely high amplitude, while delivering accurate and precise low-frequency performance that is both highly impactful and extremely musical.

In order to achieve this, the SuperSubs, GoldenEar's best subwoofer series, incorporates a unique, patented* 360 degree dual-plane inertially-balanced driver and sub-bass radiator topology, combined with a very advanced electronics package. With two active drivers separated horizontally in space, as well as two passive radiators separated vertically, the driver-to-room coupling is distributed much more smoothly, for in-room bass performance that can’t typically be achieved with a single subwoofer. 

The electronics packages that drive the SuperSubs' fully balanced array are a 1600 watt (XXL) and 1400 watt (X) Class D Digital amplifiers whose design is based on the technology originally developed for the GoldenEar Triton One tower. Features include: Discrete multi-band limiting, phase-perfect equalization, fully balanced and advanced reconstruction filters and a strong focus on keeping latency to an absolute minimum. Input facilities include a direct-coupled, unfiltered LFE input for home theater, or stereo Left/Right low-level inputs with low-pass for two-channel setups. Sonically, the result of all this technology is a rock-solid bass response that is both exceptionally fast and tuneful for music and extraordinarily deep and powerful, in order to effortlessly reproduce the most extreme movie sound effects.

SuperSub X - Subwoofer

Like the SuperSub XXL, the ultra-compact SuperSub X (just a little bigger than a 12-1/2" cube) utilizes the same dual-plane, patented* inertially-balanced driver array, but instead employs two horizontally-opposed 8˝ ultra-long-throw active drivers and two vertically-opposed 10-1/2˝ x 9-1/2˝ planar infrasonic radiators, driven by a 1400 watt Class D Digital amplifier. "Simply unbelievable" raved the press about its stunning output after their first audition. Click here to read the Brochure.


SuperSub XXL - GoldenEar's Best Subwoofer

Housed within the gorgeous piano-gloss black enclosure are two horizontally-opposed 12˝ ultra-long-throw active drivers and two vertically-opposed 15˝ x 13˝ planar infrasonic radiators, driven by a 1600 watt Class D Digital amplifier. This dual-plane, patented* dynamic inertial-balancing preserves and focuses all the energy produced by the transducers in order to more effectively move the air in the room, rather than wasting energy moving the box. It also enables you to hear all the fine subtle details in your recordings. The benefit is a new achievement in state-of-the-art, best subwoofer performance that, not only “rocks the house”, as Big Picture Big Sound’s Chris Boylan raved, but is also, “strong, pure and controlled” as Sound&Visionmagazine’s Mark Fleischman wrote. With two active drivers separated horizontally in space, as well as two passive radiators separated vertically, the driver to-room coupling is distributed much more smoothly, for in-room bass performance that can’t typically be achieved with a single subwoofer. Click here to read the Brochure.


Specificatii Tehnice:

State-of-the-art GoldenEar Technology Drivers

Ultra-Long-Throw Sub-Bass Driver

  • Ultra-Long Throw High-Output 
    Bass Driver for Powerful Room-
    Shaking Bass
  • Superior Transient Performance 
    for Exceptional Detail
  • Computer Optimized Ultra-Stiff 
    Fiber Cone
  • Massive High-Gauss Magnet 


Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator

  • Pressure-Coupled Loading Extends 
    Usable Bass Performance to the 
    Infrasonic Region
  • Performs Like a Well-Tuned 
    Transmission Line but with Superior 
    Transient Performance and Control


Patented* 360° Driver Array

  • Dual-plane inertially-balanced driver 
    and subbass radiator topology
  • Resulting vibration cancelling yields 
    accurate and precise low frequency 
  • Preserves and focuses all the energy 
    produced by the transducers
  • Room coupling is distributed much 
    more smoothly

SuperSub™ Subwoofers Recommended System Components

The SuperSub XXL and SuperSub X are a spectacular addition to any music and/or home theater system. The SuperSub subwoofers can be used as the primary low frequency player in a mains plus sub system when used with the GoldenEar non-powered models (Triton Five, Triton Seven, Aons, SuperSats, Invisa Architectural and 3D Array soundbars) and also as a movie effects player for systems based on our powered Triton Towers (Triton Reference, Triton One, Triton Two+ and Triton Three+). Adding a SuperSub to a powered Triton based system for LFE channel reproduction can be used either: 1) In addition to the powered subwoofers in the Triton towers to maximize in-room bass smoothness, or 2) Instead of using the Tower's subwoofers for LFE to maximize playing ceiling and dynamic range. And of course even better yet would be two SuperSubs in any of the possible systems. 

GoldenEar engineers voice all of our speakers to the same high standards, perfectly complementing and matching each other in order to give you the greatest flexibility in creating your system, so you can mix and match and always achieve perfect results! 

See the list of popular system options below, click here for more on DESIGNING GOLDENEAR ATMOS SYSTEMS

Triton ReferenceTriton OneTriton Two+Triton Three+Triton FiveTriton Seven,  Aon 2Aon 33D Array X3D Array XLSuperSat 60 

SuperCenter XSuperCenter XLSuperCenter ReferenceSuperSat 50CSuperSat 60CInvisa SPS

Aon 2Aon 3SuperSat 3SuperSat 50SuperSat 60Invisa 525Invisa 650Invisa HTR 7000Invisa MPX MultiPolar 

Invisa 525Invisa 650Invisa HTR 7000SuperSat 3C  

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