Boxe podea GOLDENEAR TRITON REFERENCE cu subwoofer activ incorporat, 12Hz - 35kHz, 93.25dB

Boxe podea GOLDENEAR TRITON REFERENCE cu subwoofer activ incorporat, 12Hz - 35kHz, 93.25dB
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Triton Reference Overview


The Triton Reference is an evolution of everything that we have achieved with the Triton One, but taken to a stunning new level of sonic performance and sophisticated visual design. All the components in the Reference - the active sub-bass drivers, upper-bass/midrange drivers, and high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter - are new, and have been specifically developed for use in the Reference. The fully balanced crossover is, of course, specially engineered for the Reference, and the powerful subwoofer amplifier and 56-bit DSP control unit are an evolution of those used in the Triton One and our SuperSubs.

The new 6˝ upper/bass/midrange drivers are cast-basket units that incorporate a low-mass voice coil and a newly developed cone with unique low-mass bonding to the butyl rubber surround for improved transient response. In addition, they have a large, newly designed, specially engineered "Focused Field™" magnet structure, which better directs the magnet flux to the voicecoil gap. The newly engineered 6˝x10˝ active low-frequency drivers for the built-in powered subwoofers have 40% more surface area than the active drivers used in the Triton One, along with a larger diameter voicecoil and an even more massive magnet structure which also utilizes our Focused Field technology. The new Reference High-Velocity Folded-Ribbon tweeter incorporates 50% more rare-earth neodymium magnet material than do our other HVFR tweeters, for improved transient response and higher efficiency. The four inertially balanced 10.5˝x 9.5˝ side-mounted (two on each side), planar, infrasonic radiators are similar to those used in the SuperSub X, but have been retooled to allow for even greater excursion.

There are a myriad of other significant upgrades and refinements, including: new internal wiring with a specially developed twist, further development of our signature balanced crossover including film capacitors bridged across the high-pass section on the upper-bass/midrange drivers, a unique proprietary mix of long-fiber lamb’s wool and Dacron for more effective internal damping, intensive work with a high-resolution accelerometer to determine the most effective implementation of complex internal bracing, a 3/32˝-thick steel plate built into the medite base to further stiffen it for increased stability, which results in higher resolution of subtle details, new stainless steel floor spikes and cups ... and the list goes on and on.

Visually, the Reference offers a strikingly beautiful upgrade to the classic Triton styling, with a gorgeous hand-rubbed piano gloss-black lacquer finished one-piece monocoque cabinet. Sleek, statuesque and refined, the Reference is simply a gorgeous statement piece that will excite listeners with its dynamic visual presence, as well as its extraordinary sonic performance.

Sonically, the Reference has been engineered to perform with a dramatic and authoritative voice, comparable to speakers that sell for 10 and more times its surprisingly affordable price. They completely disappear, with superb three-dimensional imaging that stretches from wall to wall and beyond, and depth that makes the wall behind them seem to vanish. The astonishing bass is rock-solid with low-frequency performance that is tight, quick, highly impactful and musical with extension flat to 20Hz and below. Another GoldenEar signature is a silky smooth high end that extends to 35 kHz with a lifelike sheen but no trace of hardness, sibilance or stridency so common with lesser tweeters. Tremendous time and energy has been put into the voicing of the speaker and the seamless blending of the drivers, for unmatched musicality with all types of music, and home theater perfection. Rarely do speakers excel at both, but with their world-class neutrality, the Reference absolutely does.
A special bonus is the Reference’s extremely high 93.25 dB sensitivity, which gives them tremendous dynamic range and allows use with almost any high-quality amplifier, including many SET tube amps. Click here to read the Brochure.

GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference Loudspeaker Review Test Bench:



High-Gauss Neodymium Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) Tweeter 
• Tweeter Diaphragm is a High Temperature Film
• 50% Larger High-Power Neodymium Magnet
• Squeezes/Pressurizes Air Instead of Pushing It
• Greater Control, Smoother and More Extended Response
• Vanishingly Low Distortion
• Dramatically Improved Dynamic Range and Detail
• Superb Dispersion Characteristics


High-Definition 6˝ Cast-Basket Reference Bass/Midrange Drivers with Focused Field Magnet Structures 
• GoldenEar Multi-Vaned Phase Plug (MVPP) Design
• Rigid Free-Flow Cast-Basket Chassis
• Proprietary Computer Optimized Cone Topology
• High-Gauss Magnet Assembly
• 1˝ High-Temperature Kapton Former Voice Coil
• Extremely Extended ResonantFree Linear Frequency Response Characteristics


9-1/2˝ x 10-1/2˝ Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiators 
• Quadratic Planar Radiators, Four on Triton Reference
• Pressure-Coupled Loading Extends Usable Bass Performance to the Infrasonic Region
• Performs Like a Well-Tuned Transmission Line but with Superior Transient Performance and Control
• Inertially-Balanced Opposing Design

6˝ x 10˝ Long-Throw Quadratic Reference Sub-Bass Drivers with Focused Field Magnet Structures 
• Ultra-Long Throw
• Glass Fiber and Nomex® Composite Cone
• Huge, High-Gauss Magnet Assembly
• 1.5˝ High-Temperature Aluminum Voice-Coil
• Quadratic Cone Topology for Maximum Cone Surface Optimization

Reference Quality 
Starting from the highest frequencies reproduced by the Triton Reference and working our way down, those enhancements include a new version of GoldenEar’s HVFR tweeter with 50 percent more neodymium magnetic material, a tweak that increases efficiency and allows for better control of the tweeter’s pleated planar diaphragm. The volume of the chamber located behind the tweeter has also been enlarged, and there’s a smoother angle to the transition between faceplate and diaphragm that helps to improve dispersion.

The bass/midrange drivers above and below the tweeter are 6-inchers, as opposed to the 5.25-inch drivers on the Triton One, and they incorporate a new cone that uses a low-mass bonding to the surround, claimed to improve transient response. Also larger are the 6 x 10-inch drivers in the speaker’s subwoofer section, which provide 40 percent more surface area than the One’s drivers and feature a substantially bigger magnet structure and voice coil. The 1,800-watt specified, 56-bit-DSP-controlled amplifier powers the active drivers, which are aided and abetted by 10.25 x 9.5-inch passive “planar infrasonic radiators” arranged on either side in an inertially balanced configuration similar to that found in GoldenEar’s SuperSub X and XXL subwoofers.

Specificatii Tehnice

Dimensions 9-1⁄4˝ (23.36 cm) W x 18-3⁄4˝ (47.6 cm) D x 58˝ (147.27 cm) H
(height is with base installed, no spikes)  
  Base: 13-5⁄8˝ (34.5 cm) W x 22-1⁄4˝ (56.4 cm) D
Weight Product: 108 lbs (49 kg) / 
Shipping: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Frequency Response 12 Hz - 35 kHz
Efficiency 93.25 dB
Nominal Impedance Compatible with 8 ohms
Driver Complement Three - 6˝ x 10˝ Long-Throw Quadratic Reference Subwoofers, coupled to:
Four - 9-1/2˝ x 10-1/2˝ Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiators
Two - 6˝ High-Definition Cast-Basket Reference Mid/Bass Drivers
One - High Gauss Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) Tweeter
Recommended  20 - 750 watt/channel
Built-In Subwoofer  1800 watt SuperSub digital/56 bit DSP Subwoofer Amplifier
Power Amplification
Power Requirements/  Low Voltage Version - 120 V at 60Hz / 1800 Watts
Consumption High Voltage Version - 240 V at 50Hz / 1800 Watts
  (Approved for NA (TUV) and the CE market.)


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