The founder of Angekis has extensive experience working in the USB Video device market for over 10 years, specialising in UVC USB cameras. 

In fact we helped pioneer the USB PTZ camera with one of the first USB video conference camera models released on the market way back in 2011.

Since then our team have continued to pave the way advancing technology for camera chipset solutions in the realms of AF,AE,AWB

UVC control command and much more.with a huge amount of experience,we decided in 2015 to start our own brand. 

It was then that Angekis was born, with an aim to deliver the highest end, greatest quality USB PTZ video conference cameras on the market.

From this goal,the USB 3.0 “Saber” was created and soon became Angekis’ flagship model, winning global awards including ISE Best In Show

Praised for its high end features and crystal clear image quality all at a super sharp price that is up to half of many of its rivals.

The next chapter brought the Blade USB 2.0 USB PTZ  the Sister to the Saber as a USB 2.0 model at an even more amazing price. 

And lastly the Curtana was introduced to focus on smaller conference rooms where a wide-angle lens is ideal.

Finally to complete the series we have just released the Cleartalk speakerphone with a 360 degree pickup

You simply place it in the centre of your boardroom and plug and play.  It’s that easy! 

Angekis endeavours to continue to lead the way in conference room USB video solutions and welcomes you to join us. 

For Distribution enquiries please connect with us via the contact tab at the top of this website.


Why partner with Angekis?

We provide a professional Distribution offering 
- We prefer exclusive agreements with Distributors to provide security to invest in our brand and ensure market and price control.
- We offer marketing support by sharing investment in trade shows and marketing materials.
- We offer you full after sales service. We are always on hand to help you.
- We have a product offering that’s different, innovative and market leading.
- Our margins are excellent! We believe in win/win partnerships.
- 3 year warranty, so you can rest easy.

What makes Angekis different?

i.First to market with USB PTZ Camera back in 2011.
ii.Saber Auto Pilot uses new revolutionary tracking technology for more accurate tracking than any other.
iii. Saber Light can be powered solely through a USB port.
iv. Blade and Curtana cameras can power USB mics directly through the camera.
v. Cleartalk ASP-04 wireless speaker mic runs through RF instead of Bluetooth providing superior sound and no need to always reconnect.
vi. Bring out new products every year.

We always provide a high quality product at a reasonable price.

We pride ourselves on exceptional aftermarket service and all products come with a 3 year warranty.